What Can A San Francisco Probate Lawyer Do For My Survivors?

Many people do not realize how important it is to leave a will behind. If you were to die before you have planned your estate, a probate hearing will be undertaken to determine who will get your assets. In this case, one of your loved ones will most likely hire a San Francisco probate lawyer to prepare and file a petition for probate.

The lawyer hired will notify everyone named in your will (if there is one) and all of your legal heirs to inform them of your death and the probate hearing. The lawyer will ensure that all deadlines associated with the estate are met to avoid mistakes and delays. He or she can also help to settle disagreements among family members over all types of issues, both large and small.

A San Francisco probate court attorney is also responsible for notifying creditors of your death. Direct notices will be sent to creditors and in some cases these notices can be published in newspapers where you lived. The probate lawyer will assist with transfers and sales of any real estate you owe and with the distribution of the estate property to those who are entitled to it. The lawyer also will obtain the values of your property to assist in the completion of tax returns and other matters required to close out your affairs.

You can expect the probate lawyer to make the process of probate as smooth and as easy as possible so that your loved ones will not have to spend a lot of time in court. Your surviving family members will be grieving over their loss. A good lawyer knows how difficult of a time they are going through and will therefore handle all of the many difficult tasks that must be addressed following your passing. The best probate lawyers in San Francisco offer their vast experience, creativity and personalized services to clients who are not only facing legal problems but also a very difficult life situations. You can expect a probate lawyer to work with your survivors’ best interest in mind while adhering to the laws in California regarding the process of probate.

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