San Francisco Lawyers Can Create A Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

You are probably not all that crazy if you’re about pondering what would occur if you were to become unable convey your wishes regarding your own medical care — maybe because of a sickness, accident or advanced age. But, if you don’t spell out your wishes regarding the types of treatment you want and don’t want and fail to designate someone you know to manage your care, complete strangers could end up making these vital decisions. These strangers could include long-lost family members and physicians who do not know you well. This is why it’s important to create a durable power of attorney for healthcare while you are healthy and able.

There are many competent and experienced San Francisco lawyers available who can help you prepare a durable power of attorney. In this document, you name someone close to you to be your healthcare agent or surrogate so that they can make important healthcare decisions for you. The durable power of attorney document will ensure that physicians and other healthcare providers provide you with the type of care you wish to receive. In order to make a durable power of attorney directive, you must be a legal adult who is capable of understanding what the document means and how it works.

When you hire an attorney from San Francisco to help you prepare a durable power of attorney for healthcare, you and your attorney will discuss how much or how little medical care you want to receive. For example, you may include details about the use of pain-relieving medications, when treatment should cease and whether or not extraordinary measures to save your life will be taken. You cannot make directives about mercy killings or assisted suicides as these are prohibited under California law.

Do not make the mistake of not drawing up a durable power of attorney for healthcare. While this type of thing is not pleasant to think about, it is very important because you do not want to put your fate into the hands of total strangers who may not have your best interests in mind.

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