Estate Planning in San Francisco: Probate Is Something You Can (And Should) Avoid

Probate court proceedings can be long & drawn out, very costly and quite confusing. This is why most people take steps to spare their loved ones the hassle. If you take the time before you die to do some basic estate planning, you will not have to worry about probate and neither will the people you care about the most. A bit of good planning can go a long way in ensuring that your surviving family members’ needs are cared for so do make a point of creating an estate plan.

If you live in San Francisco, you can draw up a living trust to avoid probate for the assets you own such as property, money in bank accounts, cars and so forth. In order to make a living trust, you will have to name someone to become your trustee after you pass away. Once you do this, the trustee will be able to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries without having to deal with San Francisco probate court.

Many people think that estate planning is only for the wealthy. However, it should be known that in spite of the misleading name that estate planning is nothing more than getting your affairs in order so that things are made easier for your loved ones when you die. Estate planning does not have to be difficult nor expensive.

There are plenty of lawyers in San Francisco who offer estate planning services and it would behoove you to find one to use. If you do not have an estate plan in place, the probate process will be put into action following your death to determine how your property will be passed on to your heirs. There are many forms and documents to fill out and submit in probate and the process usually lasts for longer than six months and can sometimes take years. During that time, your property will be tied up and your loved ones may have no access to your money and accounts. You should avoid probate as it will not benefit your loved ones. It will make their lives even more difficult as they are trying to adjust to life without having you around.

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