Landlord’s Lawyers in San Francisco: Why The House (Almost) Always Wins

As a landlord, you are basically like any other type of business owner out there as you are focusing on making your business profitable while steering clear of trouble. If you are a landlord in San Francisco who is in need of some legal assistance, you may be feeling angry, confused and a bit scared. Maybe a tenant has filed a complaint against you for something like an eviction notice they received or perhaps you are being sued for an injury or illness someone claims to have gotten because of your alleged carelessness. Before you stress out too much, you should know that with a competent lawyer’s help, you probably will not have much to worry about.

There are many landlord lawyers in San Francisco who can help you with any legal problem you may be having. It does not matter if a tenant is suing you because they claim you are failing to maintain the property or if it is an eviction that is being disputed, the odds are in your favor because most often landlords win legal battles. This is because the majority of landlords with good reputations use very well-drafted leases which clearly spell out both their rights and the rights of the tenants. It is also common practice for a landlord to use an attorney when drafting his or her lease to ensure that it covers everything in the case of a future dispute.

An attorney from San Francisco who is experienced in representing landlords will sit down with you to discuss your case. You can expect a good attorney to detach him or herself from the case so that a solution can be worked out which will benefit you. An experienced attorney will know the California law well and will be able to offer you advice and legal representation to help resolve the matter in question as quickly and efficiently as possible. As a landlord, you will most likely face a few times wherein your tenants will file complaints against you so it’s best to have a good lawyer standing by who is well-versed in tenant/landlord law.

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During A Divorce, You Need An Empathic Attorney – San Francisco Has The Answer

If you are currently going through a divorce you are most likely having a tough time. Maybe you are finding it difficult to live without your soon-to-be ex-spouse’s income that you were used to having access to or perhaps you two are arguing over who owns what. You may even be fighting over child visitation and custody matters to make things even worse. You should consider hiring an attorney in San Francisco who can help you resolve the many issues you face dealing with while dissolving your marriage. You may be surprised to learn that it does not have to cost an arm and a leg to hire an attorney as many divorce lawyers in San Francisco are quite affordable.

The best lawyers in San Francisco who specialize in divorces are very empathetic. These professionals know how difficult divorces are for the two adults involved as well as for any children there may be. It’s wise to choose an attorney who has many long years of experience handling divorce cases throughout San Francisco so that you end up with very good legal assistance and advice which will make the divorce run as smoothly as possible.

A divorce attorney can help with the division of property, the pre-nup and post-nup agreements and can also provide you with information regarding child support and custody. You also can expect a good lawyer to help you with the alimony which is something that is often hotly debated among couples. If there was domestic violence taking place in the marriage which played a major role in the reason for the divorce, an experienced attorney will advise you on your legal rights and responsibilities.

Divorce often leads to intense, destructive conflicts which can be nearly impossible to work out without legal assistance. Do yourself a favor and hire an attorney who has a great deal of experience in family law matters so that you can get through the divorce quickly and without too much pain and inconvenience. Not only will a top attorney help you with all of the legal issues related to your split but he or she also will provide you with emotional support to make the proceedings easier to handle.

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Estate Planning in San Francisco: Probate Is Something You Can (And Should) Avoid

Probate court proceedings can be long & drawn out, very costly and quite confusing. This is why most people take steps to spare their loved ones the hassle. If you take the time before you die to do some basic estate planning, you will not have to worry about probate and neither will the people you care about the most. A bit of good planning can go a long way in ensuring that your surviving family members’ needs are cared for so do make a point of creating an estate plan.

If you live in San Francisco, you can draw up a living trust to avoid probate for the assets you own such as property, money in bank accounts, cars and so forth. In order to make a living trust, you will have to name someone to become your trustee after you pass away. Once you do this, the trustee will be able to transfer your assets to your beneficiaries without having to deal with San Francisco probate court.

Many people think that estate planning is only for the wealthy. However, it should be known that in spite of the misleading name that estate planning is nothing more than getting your affairs in order so that things are made easier for your loved ones when you die. Estate planning does not have to be difficult nor expensive.

There are plenty of lawyers in San Francisco who offer estate planning services and it would behoove you to find one to use. If you do not have an estate plan in place, the probate process will be put into action following your death to determine how your property will be passed on to your heirs. There are many forms and documents to fill out and submit in probate and the process usually lasts for longer than six months and can sometimes take years. During that time, your property will be tied up and your loved ones may have no access to your money and accounts. You should avoid probate as it will not benefit your loved ones. It will make their lives even more difficult as they are trying to adjust to life without having you around.

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San Francisco Lawyers Can Create A Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare

You are probably not all that crazy if you’re about pondering what would occur if you were to become unable convey your wishes regarding your own medical care — maybe because of a sickness, accident or advanced age. But, if you don’t spell out your wishes regarding the types of treatment you want and don’t want and fail to designate someone you know to manage your care, complete strangers could end up making these vital decisions. These strangers could include long-lost family members and physicians who do not know you well. This is why it’s important to create a durable power of attorney for healthcare while you are healthy and able.

There are many competent and experienced San Francisco lawyers available who can help you prepare a durable power of attorney. In this document, you name someone close to you to be your healthcare agent or surrogate so that they can make important healthcare decisions for you. The durable power of attorney document will ensure that physicians and other healthcare providers provide you with the type of care you wish to receive. In order to make a durable power of attorney directive, you must be a legal adult who is capable of understanding what the document means and how it works.

When you hire an attorney from San Francisco to help you prepare a durable power of attorney for healthcare, you and your attorney will discuss how much or how little medical care you want to receive. For example, you may include details about the use of pain-relieving medications, when treatment should cease and whether or not extraordinary measures to save your life will be taken. You cannot make directives about mercy killings or assisted suicides as these are prohibited under California law.

Do not make the mistake of not drawing up a durable power of attorney for healthcare. While this type of thing is not pleasant to think about, it is very important because you do not want to put your fate into the hands of total strangers who may not have your best interests in mind.

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What Can A San Francisco Probate Lawyer Do For My Survivors?

Many people do not realize how important it is to leave a will behind. If you were to die before you have planned your estate, a probate hearing will be undertaken to determine who will get your assets. In this case, one of your loved ones will most likely hire a San Francisco probate lawyer to prepare and file a petition for probate.

The lawyer hired will notify everyone named in your will (if there is one) and all of your legal heirs to inform them of your death and the probate hearing. The lawyer will ensure that all deadlines associated with the estate are met to avoid mistakes and delays. He or she can also help to settle disagreements among family members over all types of issues, both large and small.

A San Francisco probate court attorney is also responsible for notifying creditors of your death. Direct notices will be sent to creditors and in some cases these notices can be published in newspapers where you lived. The probate lawyer will assist with transfers and sales of any real estate you owe and with the distribution of the estate property to those who are entitled to it. The lawyer also will obtain the values of your property to assist in the completion of tax returns and other matters required to close out your affairs.

You can expect the probate lawyer to make the process of probate as smooth and as easy as possible so that your loved ones will not have to spend a lot of time in court. Your surviving family members will be grieving over their loss. A good lawyer knows how difficult of a time they are going through and will therefore handle all of the many difficult tasks that must be addressed following your passing. The best probate lawyers in San Francisco offer their vast experience, creativity and personalized services to clients who are not only facing legal problems but also a very difficult life situations. You can expect a probate lawyer to work with your survivors’ best interest in mind while adhering to the laws in California regarding the process of probate.

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Want To Become An Entrepreneur? Talk To A San Francisco Business Attorney First!

Are you thinking of starting a business in San Francisco? Then you have a lot of work to do. Your main focus should be to come up with a business plan so that you can move the process along quickly to get your business up and off the ground and operating as promptly as possible. It would be wise to speak to a SF business attorney before drafting your business plan as doing so will ensure that everything is in order as it should be.

There are two professionals that every business needs early on and those are an accountant and a lawyer. The reason for hiring an accountant are rather obvious as you will need a professional to help you set up your accounts and prepare your tax returns. Why you need an attorney is not quite as obvious. However, you should know that a good business lawyer can provide you with invaluable assistance in nearly every aspect of your business ranging from zoning compliance and copyright advice to help with lawsuits and liability issues. A lawyer can also provide you with assistance in drafting your plan and will look over your business contracts.

It cannot be stressed enough as to how essential it is to speak to a reputable and experienced attorney in San Francisco — one that specializes in business law prior to launching your business. If you were to wait until you have been sued or served with a summons, it would be too late as the problem will have already occurred. If that were to happen, it is just a question of how much you will end up paying in court costs, attorney fees, settlements and other expenses to solve the matter.

The fee you may have to pay to speak to an attorney prior to launching your business is nothing compared to what a lawyer will charge you to get you out of a bad situation once it has occurred. Once you have sat down with an attorney and have gone over every aspect of your planned business, you can go ahead with your plan knowing that everything is legal and in good order.

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How Long Will San Francisco Probate Court Keep My Estate Tied Up?

When someone passes away, there are almost always many loose ends to tie up. Probate is the process used to transfer legal title of property from the deceased’s estate to their proper beneficiaries and usually involves multiple steps. Probate is usually overseen and accomplished by the executor if there is a will or by a representative of a San Francisco probate court if no will is present.

The term probate refers to proving who a deceased person’s legal heirs are if there is no will. And considering the fact that the deceased cannot take their belongings with them, probate is the process used to determine who gets their property. The process of probate typically includes the identification of property owned & making an inventory of it, the accounting and appraisal of the property, the payment of taxes and the paying off creditors.

How long San Francisco probate will keep an estate tied depends upon the size and complexity of the estate and the difficulty involved with locating the beneficiaries. It’s important to know that typically, your beneficiaries will not receive anything until all your debts are paid off. This means that your family members’ immediate financial needs such as the payment of your home loan and even money needed for paying off monthly utility bills and weekly grocery bills could be jeopardized. A way to avoid this happening to your beneficiaries is to set up a gift-giving strategy prior to your death that will transfer enough money to your loved ones that they can use to help cover their living expenses during the probate process.

If your estate is complicated, it can take a considerable period of time to determine exactly what assets you have and what debts you owe. There also could be difficulty locating your beneficiaries or even some legal challenges that could cause delays in the probate process. Generally, if the estate has no out-of-the-ordinary problems, the probate process can be wrapped up in less than a year. Some problems that could slow the process are issues with paying off your debts, taxes or will contests. When a probate process gets underway in California, state law requires that notices be sent to beneficiaries and this notice will inform your beneficiaries when and where the hearing will be heard.

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Probate is a court procedure whereby the assets of someone who has died or is unable to manage his or her own assets are taken charge of by a representative appointed by the court. During that process the representative manages those assets in a similar manner that the person or estate did and makes certain that those assets are properly secured, invested and paid out. The probate court, sometimes called the surrogate court in certain states, oversees this process and confirms that the representative is properly handling the assets of the estate.

An Estate is the entity created under the court proceeding that represents the bundle of assets being administered by the court appointed representative. These assets can be cash, real property, personal property or a variety of other valuable items. The court appointed representative is often a family member but can sometimes be a professional fiduciary who primarily spends his or her time managing assets for those who are unable to manage their own affairs.

The types of estates that the probate court oversees are estates of a decedent, estates under a conservatorship or guardianship or estates of a trust entity.

Generally, in California, the probate process for a decedent’s estate requires a minimum of six months to complete. This is due to the fact that there is a four month period after the representative is appointed for creditors to file claims with the court for money that the decedent owed to them on the date of death.

Often the probate process is thrust upon the survivors of a deceased person because there was little advanced planning by that person in the event of death. Assets need to be managed and bills need to be paid and loved ones surviving the decedent often do not have access to the decedent’s bank and other accounts to handle these issues. The probate process is complicated and it is advisable to retain the services of an experienced probate attorney to assist in handling this process. The probate lawyer will help make the process progress smoothly and will ease the obligations of the representative. Legal representation from Scott I. Bassin, A Professional Corporation will help in the difficult times following the death of a loved one.

The costs associated with the probate process are generally paid out of the assets from the decedent’s, conservatee’s or ward’s estate. The personal representative for the estate is also entitled to receive compensation for his or her services to the estate.

If you are facing a situation such as those outlined above, you should call the law office (415) 753-5245,  for assistance with these challenges.

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